Quality Control


Keystone Rustproofing, Inc. (KRI) is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) that considers the needs and expectations of interested parties. We are committed to consistently meeting and/or exceeding customer and internal requirements for high quality products at a cost that represents value.

The "CORE" of the KRI QMS focuses on:


Continuous improvement of Service and the Quality Management System


On-time delivery


Resource management


Effective communication

Keystone will exercise care with property belonging to customers or external providers while under the care of or being used by us.

Keystone Rustproofing will identify, verify, protect and safeguard customers or external providers property provided for use or incorporated into the product or services.

When the property of a customer or external provider is lost, damaged or otherwise found to be unsuitable for use, the organization shall report this to the customer or external provider and retain documented information on what has occurred.